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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Coming up in May...

Tuesday, May 8, 7-9 pm. Sustainability in Our Future?
Concerns for sustainability are motivating changes in many areas. Join us as we review and discuss two emerging developments:
1) The Sustainability Revolution: Portrait of a paradigm shift, as portrayed by Andres Edwards in this 2005 book, assembles a hopeful overview, which includes permaculture.
2) Sustainability science, increasingly considered a post-normal, mode 2 or integrative science, is involving an extending community.

Prepare to rethink the potential and significance of sustainability. Consider how these developments can be incorporated in the climate justice movement and other grassroots approaches such as permaculture. Will they help synergize the needed cultural tipping point? What else is likely to be needed?

At North Park Village Nature Center, 5801 North Pulaski, Chicago. (312) 744-5472
Turn left at the first T intersection.

Moderated by Rael Bassan, coordinator, Chicagoland Urban Permaculture (CUP)
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